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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fixed: Google Import "Error parsing Atom export file"

Thanks to our users informed us about importing issues so quickly, we have fixed all the known issues.

If you came across the "Error parsing Atom export file" we have addressed it as of 11:00AM EST. So please try it again.

Also if you had any issues with importing notes that were just bookmarks, where they came up blank. We fixed that one around 2am EST.

If anyone has any additional issues, feel free to contact us. The best way would be to email feedback (at) ubernote.com with your import file attached.

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KLZ said...

just tried to import and got the error parsing message - 2:10 PM EST

Bubba, Zeke and Me said...

just sent import file to feedback address, still getting the same error

Hozer said...

Can you give it a try again? I just tested it and it seems to work OK now.

It may have been all the load our servers have been taking with all of this. (We aren't complaining!)

Bubba, Zeke and Me said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Import worked great. I had already installed another app to replace Google notebook, but the replacement app I used had no import functionality. ... I need to make a note to go ahead and uninstall that other app!

Best Wishes,