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Thursday, February 24, 2011

How I use UberNote: Streaming the Chaos

At UberNote we love hearing user stories (especially the odd and obscure ones).  A few weeks ago we posted this one about one of our cross country moves.   Here is mine:

About Me
UberNote is essential to the way my organization (or lack there of) works.  I'm creative and a bit scatterbrained.  I'm one of those people who on the outside doesn't look organized at all, but I know where just about everything is.

What I put in UberNote
UberNote helps me have a place for every idea large and small.  Everything from where I should install vent fans in multiple bathrooms to the next best idea for SEO on my website.  It's not uncommon for me to just lay in bed about to go to sleep and a random thought hits me and BAM I'm off to the computer to complete the idea in my new note.

I currently have over 2000 notes and UberNote serves the up very well.  Now, how many of these are useful?  Probably less then 20%, but knowing they are there and I have access to them all at will is very comforting.

Favorite Features
I abuse the search and couldn't live without the auto-save.

Least Favorite Feature
I don't use tags very much.  Honestly, if they were to disappear from the app (don't worry they won't) I don't think I would miss them one bit.

Coolest thing I could see doing with UberNote
UberNote practically has a constant stream of where my brain was at over the past few years.  I've always wanted to visually see how my thoughts have moved over the course of time.  The data is there, I'm just not sure how I could represent it... It would be interesting.  I should write a note about it!

Tell us about the time when UberNote really saved your butt or helped you we would love to hear about it and post it. Send them to feedback@ubernote.com or use our form

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