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Thursday, April 14, 2011

First UberNote Android App

We are happy to announce the first UberNote Android App. Many thanks for Kevin at AppBrewer who is the author. You can find it here or search in the Android Market for "UberPad" or "UberNote"

AppBrewer is one of our new development partners. If you have an Eye-Fi and an Android phone, also check out his other app MoPhotos.

Appbrewer is also working with us on our new API and will be developing a better native app. If you are a developer and are interested we are looking for more developers to develop apps and give us feedback. To inquire about the program email us at feedback@ubernote.com with the title "API Program".


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1 comment:

Linda Good said...

Personally on my own UberNote account I've noticed a significant improvement on the server's response rate. We are very excited about this and there are more improvements to come!